Medievalists of Color organizes workshops, panels, receptions, and other events that raise awareness of racial inequities and promote practices of inclusion both within and outside of the field.

If you are interested in collaborating with us to organize an MoC co-hosted event, please email us.


Upcoming Events

2018 International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University

Roundtable: Medieval Diversity in the Core Curriculum
May 11, 3:30 – 5:00PM
Sangren 1910

Nicole Lopez-Jantzen (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)

Shyama Rajendran (University of Wyoming)

Andrea Myers Achi (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)
Luke Fidler (University of Chicago)
Meg Worley (Colgate University)
Sarah McNamer (Georgetown University)
Kim Klimek (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Nicole Lopez-Jantzen (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)

Roundtable: Medievalism, Racism, and the Academy
May 12, 10:00 – 11:30AM
Fetzer 1005

Amy S. Kaufman (Independent Scholar)
Usha Vishnuvajjala (American University)

Wan-Chuan Kao (Washington and Lee University)

Colleen C. Ho (University of Maryland)
Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, California State University–Long Beach)
Matthew Vernon (University of California–Davis)
Kavita Mudan Finn (Independent Scholar)
Pamela J. Clements (Siena College)

Workshop: Whiteness in Medieval Studies 2.0
May 12, 1:30-3:00PM
Fetzer 1045

Discussion Leaders
Kavita Mudan Finn (Independent Scholar)
Geraldine Heng (University of Texas–Austin)
Dorothy Kim (Vassar College)
Carla María Thomas (Independent Scholar)

For more on this event, please see our page here.


2018 International Congress of the New Chaucer Society
University of Toronto

Faces Plenary: “Race and Inclusion: Facing Chaucer Studies, Past and Future”
July 12, 11:00AM – 12:30PM
Location TBA

Ruth Evans (St. Louis University)

Anthony Bale (Birkbeck, University of London)
Candace Barrington (Central Connecticut State University)
Carolyn Dinshaw (New York University)
Wan-Chuan Kao (Washington and Lee University)
Richard Sévère (Valparaiso University)

Reception (Co-hosted with NCS): Decolonizing Chaucerians: From Allies to Accomplices
July 12, 6:30 – 8:00PM
Art Gallery of Ontario

Please join NCS and MOC in a convivial space to initiate and continue conversations about the experiences of people of color in medieval studies, the goal of consistent and meaningful inclusivity in the field, and the exciting ways that an increasing presence of medievalists of color is changing the archival, methodological, and theoretical landscape of the profession. The reception will feature short statements from NCS and MOC leadership. Attendees are also invited to peruse a special display of medieval Ethiopian and Western European artifacts, with exhibit captioning and supplementary interpretive text provided by MOC members. Through these means, the reception aims to provoke thought and encourage conversation.


Past Events

2018 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America
Emory University

Plenary: “Building Inclusivity and Diversity: Challenges, Solutions, and Responses in Medieval Studies”
March 1, 5:00 – 6:30PM
Emory Amphitheatre

Chair and Organizer
Nahir I. Otaño Gracia (University of Pennsylvania)

Geraldine Heng (University of Texas, Austin)
Cord Whitaker (Wellesley College)
Afrodesia E. McCannon (New York University)
Wan-Chuan Kao (Washington and Lee University)
Kavita Mudan Finn (Independent Scholar)
Dorothy Kim (Vassar College)
Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz)



For our Whiteness Workshop at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, see here.