Welcome to the Public Discourse page of the Medievalists of Color website! We offer this blog as a space that centers the perspectives, experiences, and voices of scholars of color who work in Medieval Studies.

While official statements issued by MoC will be posted on our Statements page, this space will be open for the dissemination of individual blog posts: short essays and musings on current events related to the study and/or appropriation of the medieval past. The aim is to foster public dialogue on issues that affect the future of Medieval Studies while maintaining a central commitment to anti-racist practices and epistemologies. MoC’s Editorial Committee will manage the blog without laying claim to the viewpoints expressed here. If you are a scholar of color or non-POC ally who would like to post on this blog, please email us and address your inquiry to the Editorial Committee.

MoC will also use this space to make announcements, share news, and periodically post bibliographies that list new publications by medievalists of color. In serving this latter purpose, the Public Discourse page contributes to the field’s recent movement to decolonize our citational practices. If you are a medievalist of color and would like MoC to include a citation of your scholarship or a link to a public essay you have published elsewhere, please email us  and address your inquiry to the Website Committee.